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 online driving license The Department of Transportation has canceled all online applications for driver’s licenses that are accepted before The New online driving license registration 2079 was announced today and accepted the application. 

Asking to start a new online system, the department has canceled all the online applications received so far for new and additional classes.

According to the department, now you have to log in to and fill up a new application.

Online driving license Nepal

Driving License Form Only Rs – 200/- Order Link 

Apply For a Driving License Online @ Nepal 2079

You can Follow this Link to register:

Government of Nepal Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport Department of Transport Management Min Bhawan, Kathmandu New online application system for driver’s license

Information about starting Since the online applications for driver’s licenses (new and additional category) have been canceled from today, the new online application system for driver’s licenses will start from 6 pm on Monday, 16, just 2079,


This information has been published for the information of all concerned by logging on to and filling up the new application form. It is also requested that the application for the service recipients who want to add more classes be opened from next Monday.

The Department of Insecurity apologizes for the inconvenience caused to the service recipients who want to add more classes.

Apply Applications for the new license will be open from 6 pm on  Monday, May 30, 2022, while applications for the additional class will be open from next week’s Sobar.

Online Driving License Open from 2079 Jestha 16

Form Fill-Up Process: Online Application via Government Sites the Process given below video about how to submit a new online driving license form

Applicants can apply for a new online driving license from:

Driving License Form Nepal New System (Applydl.Dotm.Gov.Np)

New Website Update 16 Jesth  2079Applydl.Dotm.Gov.Np

Department of transport management Kathmandu has opened a new online driving license application with your new website from just 16 2017 9 Monday the department published no see notice about how to submit an application or apply for a new online driving license from the new website bought applications to upgrade the license category can only feel the online form next week Monday and the applicant who has filed. their online applicants all ready rejected and new systems are setups but the new system also has problems with generating OTP problem, generating new document problems with generating pdf format and bank pdf. server not responding etc issues faced by the applicant.

The site going to fix those issues continuously. 

Driving License Form Nepal New System FAQs

Is online driving license form open in Nepal?

Yes Driving License form is open in Nepal From 16 Jesth 2079 You can fill out the application form from a new website of the Department of Transport Management which is

You can apply for a Driving license from an online news website of the Transport management department application management system simple easy stem you need to submit your personal information by scanning of citizenship of Nepal.
What documents do I need to submit to apply for a driving license in Nepal?
the Document required to submit the application is a citizenship and passport size photo with only Rs -10 Hulak ticket with the application. 
How can I check my Nepal license online?

You need to visit

  1. is the official site of the department of transport management Nepal.
  2. Here you find various links on the right-hand side of the home page.
  3. Choose the Online Driving License System
  4.  Go here to check authorization:

to check the license with your reference number or contact the office where you have

submitted the Application What can be done if the driver’s license is lost?

If by any means you lose your driver’s license?

1. The person concerned with the driver’s license and photocopy of citizenship should contact the computer field of the Transportation Management Office or the driver’s license record branch.

2. Application for missing driver’s license from the concerned traffic police office

What should be done to correct the driver’s license record?

If there is any omission or addition in any of the records or details of the driver’s license or if there is any mistake, the person concerned shall submit the application in the prescribed format along with the confirmation of such correction to the concerned office. The records may be added or corrected based on the application received by the concerned office.

When should a driver’s license be renewed and what is the fee?

If the license is not renewed within 90 days from the expiration date, such a driver’s license will be renewed with 100% up to one year, 200% up to two years, 300% up to three years, 400% up to four years and 500% up to five years with additional penalty and fee. Such renewal will last for five years.

A driver’s license that has not been renewed for five years will be automatically revoked and such a license will not be renewed.

Renewal of driver’s license will cost Rs. 3000 / – for large vehicles, Rs. 2500 / – for medium vehicles, Rs. 2000 / – for small vehicles other than scooters and Rs. 1500 / – for motorcycles, and scooters. If you are allowed to drive, you will have to pay only the highest fee.

What should be done to include other vehicles in the driver’s license? How much does it cost?

If the driver wants to include any vehicle other than the one mentioned in the driver’s license obtained, the driver will have to open the type of vehicle he wants to include and fill out the online form and submit the application along with the form to the concerned transport management office on the specified date.

If the documents attached with the received application are verified and approved, the practical examination of such applicants is usually taken within a week at most. People who have already obtained a driver’s license do not have to take a re-written test to obtain a license for additional driving. At the experimental test site, the test is conducted by the experimental method on whether the examinee can drive the vehicle or not. This activity is observed through CCTV by the concerned transport management office and also by the transport management department and a transparent examination system is adopted.

Rs. 500 / – for the inclusion of other vehicles in the driver’s license.

What are the qualifications of a person applying for a driver’s license?

According to the Vehicle and Transport Management Act, of 2049, the person applying for a driver’s license should not have the following disqualification.

1) A person under 21 years of age for a large vehicle.

2) Less than 18 years for medium and small vehicles.

3) Not less than 16 years of age in the case of motorcycles and other small two-wheelers.

4) A person with epilepsy or dementia or sudden ringing or fainting.

5) A person who has poor eyesight but does not have normal eyesight even when using glasses.

6) Normal sound signal, a deaf person who cannot hear sound.

7) Red, green, yellow, etc. can not immediately distinguish colors (color blind), a person with visual impairment.

8) A person with night blindness.

9) A person who is unable to work with weak hands and feet. However, restrictions in this section will not apply to vehicles specially designed for the disabled.

10) Any person who has reached 60 years of age for large and medium public transport.
11) Driver’s license will not be issued for driving medium and large vehicles till the age of 2 years.
12) Not knowing how to read and write in the Nepali language.

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